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Select a video. He was born aboutat Champigny-sur-Marne near Paris.

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While Marge Friedel passed inwe are privileged and honoured to still have her words to share. Match the age Ken would have been when the story revealed each of these lessons to him. In the oral tradition, stories hold rich historical timelines of identity, roots and culture. Your Country.

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By his own he was the first European to explore what is now the State of Pennsylvania. Three lessons are listed briefly below.

It was the decisive move in his career. Through metaphor and allusion, traditional stories also offer layers of meaning, providing guidance that varies according to the age and maturity of the listener.

Marie at the junction of Lakes Superior and Huron. But he was above all a pathfinder and a scout. He made his way to the site of the present-day city of Buffalo, Frenxh the junction of Lakes Erie and Ontario.

He played an essential role in the first documented Sexy women want sex Lafayette of exploration in New France by going ahead of Samuel de Champlain, Gabriel Sagard, Jean Nicolet, Nicolas Perrot and others of their ilk along the Oral French River First Nation to the Great Lakes. A young boy A high-school student A young man I should not try to change others. He appears to have been the first European to set eyes on the Ottawa Valley, Georgian Bay, Pennsylvania and four of the Great Lakes, and to give at Naion an oral description of them.

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It is okay to be me; to be who I am. Check The Lesson I Took from the Story As a listener, you bring a "self" to interact with a story, and you take away meaning depending on your age, experience, background, interests, beliefs and outlook. He was to become an interpreter, or dragoman truchement in Frenchbetween the French and their Amerindian allies. Their territory was located on the peninsula between Lake Ontario and Lake Huron.

How could Oral French River First Nation cultural stories engage your students and impact your classroom environment?

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The news reached Champlain when he returned to Quebec in He now turned his attention further inland, aware that any discovery must start west of Sault St. According to his ownhe was tortured and his life was threatened. In some communities and for some stories, specific protocol and seasonal indicators must be followed before telling a story.

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First nations in canada

He is believed to have made the voyage to Quebec in the company of Samuel de Champlain in Louis the Lachine Rapids. I should be kind to animals. Champlain had capitulated to the Kirke brothers, and most of Firsy French in the colony had returned to their homeland.

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